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About Us

Since 2019

Ifem Naughty Desires was set up by me to help provide the swinging community with more choice and perhaps some new ideas when it comes to adult jewellery and other adult products. Whether it is for Swingers, Hotwives, Vixens or even Sissys and Cucks I hope we have you covered! But if not please let us know what you would like and perhaps we can help!

I have been a Swinger and Hotwife for over 15 years and I feel this inside knowledge of the scene can only help. And as a wearer and user of my own products I am more than happy to be the first to recommend them.


We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. No matter if you are looking to buy or just browsing, we will go the extra mile to offer you personalised, no-pressure, service that will make you come back time and again.

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